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      Senior Home Safety in Cranford NJ: Safety at Night

      Remember, the Night Is Creeping in and Safety Could Be Compromised

      By Robert D'Arienzo | January 19, 2018

      Now that we have set our clocks back an hour, nightfall is happening sooner. In much of the country, between 5 and 5:30 PM is when the sun is setting. That means it’s getting darker earlier than it did in the summer and fall, and that can pose unique challenges to many, especially elderly men…

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      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: The Benefits of Daily Probiotics

      The Benefits of Daily Probiotics

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | January 18, 2018

      Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Probiotics are a hot topic in heath care conversations these days, but what exactly is a probiotic and how can it be beneficial to our health?

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      Care for Aging Veterans in Montclair NJ: Aid and Attendance Benefit

      Even Though Dad Wasn’t Injured or Disabled During Service, He May Be Eligible for Aid and Attendance

      By Zack Demopoulos | January 17, 2018

      Perhaps your elderly father served during the Korean War. Maybe he saw combat. Or perhaps he was in the Navy and just part of a support system for those fighting on the peninsula. Whatever the case may have been, his time of service means that he could be eligible for the Aid and Attendance Benefit.…

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      Senior Tips and Ideas: Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

      Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

      By Jessica Lener, MSN, RN | January 16, 2018

      Senior Tips and Ideas: With the New Year upon us, we often like to reflect on the previous year and what we can do to better our upcoming one. How was 2017 for you? Did you spend enough time doing the things you enjoyed? What do you hope to accomplish this year and what are you going to do to make 2018 count? 

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      Caregiver Stress in East Brunswick NJ: When an Adult Child Doesn't Want to be a Caregiver

      Support, Seniors, and Anger When an Adult Child Refuses to Be a Caregiver

      By Kate Jenkins | January 15, 2018

      George had always been the kind of independent, free-spirited individual his friends envied. He didn’t listen to other people, didn’t really care what they thought, and when his father, who was living alone, became ill, it was suggested that he step up to take care of him. George was adamantly opposed to the idea and…

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      Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Caldwell NJ: High Blood Pressure

      High Blood Pressure Should Be Controlled, and Not Following Doctor’s Orders Can Lead to a Readmission

      By Zack Demopoulos | December 26, 2017

      Dealing with health issues can be an every day process for people as they get older. When seniors age, they will naturally deal with diminished strength, increased health risks, and possibly a trip to the hospital a bit more often than they would like. When a person is dealing with high blood pressure on top…

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