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      Alzheimer's Care in Cranford NJ: Adapting to the Diagnosis

      Learning to Adapt When a Parent Is Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

      By Robert D'Arienzo | May 25, 2018

      Change is never easy, even when it is anticipated or wanted. Even for somebody who has recently received word they were hired by their ‘reach’ employer, the change they are about to undergo will cause stress and anxiety. When an aging parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the entire family will feel the impact. It…

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      Home Care for Seniors in Montclair NJ: Aging in Place vs. Moving

      Considering Home Care Aides Instead of a Move Can Be a Great Option

      By Zack Demopoulos | May 23, 2018

      Moving is incredibly stressful. In fact, it is one of the top three stressors in life, right up there with losing a dear loved one. However, as people get older it may be extremely difficult to keep up with general maintenance and cleaning of the house. Instead of moving, though, there is a better option:…

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      Alzheimer's Care in East Brunswick NJ: Developing a Routine

      A Simple Yet Effective Strategy That Can Offer Comfort to Seniors Coping with Alzheimer’s

      By Kate Jenkins | May 21, 2018

      Imagine this situation for a moment: it’s evening, you can’t quite recall some of the things you did earlier in the day and, despite the fact you just had this conversation with another person, you struggle to figure out what it was you were talking about. You try to clean up the dishes after dinner,…

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      Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Linden NJ: Number One Concern

      What’s Your Number One Concern About Hospital Readmission Rates?

      By Robert D'Arienzo | April 20, 2018

      What is a hospital readmission? In order to answer the question of this blog, it’s important to understand what a readmission is ‘technically’ considered. Some hospitals measure readmissions within 60 days or 90 days of discharge, but the federal government measures it within 30 days. So, a hospital readmission would be defined as a time…

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      Caregiver Stress in Roseland NJ: Controlling Others Doesn't Reduce Stress

      Controlling Others Doesn’t Reduce Caregiver Stress

      By Zack Demopoulos | April 18, 2018

      You’re feeling stressed out. You can’t take it anymore. You just want the anxiety to end. However, your family member needs you. Maybe it’s your mom. Perhaps it’s your husband or wife. Maybe it’s a disabled adult child. Whoever it is and no matter how close your relationship is with them, it’s still going to…

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      Senior Home Safety in Perth Amboy NJ: Being Proactive About Safety

      Encouraging a Senior to Be More Proactive About Their Safety at Home

      By Kate Jenkins | April 16, 2018

      You worry about your mother. Ever since your father passed away a few years ago she has refused a lot of help. You and your siblings have offered assistance, but you are the one who lives closest to her. However, she just doesn’t seem to take her safety very seriously and that has been a…

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