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How Does Live-In Home Care Work in New Jersey

What is Live-In Home Care?

An older individual may require assistance with their daily tasks. Many senior citizens choose to have live-in home care. This means they will have someone to help with their personal health care all the time. This is an ideal arrangement for many aging adults. It is especially useful for a senior citizen that has no family living with them. It allows an aging adult to remain in their home. In addition, it may be more convenient to have one primary caregiver. A caregiver that is living in the home all the time understands the senior’s personal health care needs.

How to Have Live-In Home Care

It is vital that an aging adult carefully plan before hiring a caregiver. Using a Home Care Agency that pays all taxes and insurance costs is always the best answer. If you choose to “become” the employer, you have to follow various state and federal guidelines concerning live-in home care. There are taxes that must be paid to the government. An employee must also be offered financial protection if they are injured on the job. There are hourly pay rules concerning levels of compensation.

The caregiver must always have a private bedroom for sleeping. In addition, they will need access to bathroom and kitchen facilities. The employee will require meals, breaks and days off work. If they work extra hours, then they need to have additional hourly compensation.

Treatment of Live-In Home Care Employees

An employee that lives in your home must be allowed restroom and meal breaks. They should have a safe, comfortable and private place to sleep at night. The sleeping time standard is eight hours of sleep at night. A live-in home care employee is available at night for emergencies or occasional assistance. If the employee must stay awake all night, then the family should consider hourly care as opposed to live-in care. An employee that is never able to sleep will not be able to provide adequate assistance to their client. An aged adult that needs care all day and night will require multiple caregivers that work in shifts.

Requirements of a Live-In Home Care Employee

The caregiver hired through a home care agency will always have state and federal criminal background clearance. Your caregiver will need to have first aid and emergency training. They may be required to assist you with bathing, dressing and other personal care needs. You must feel comfortable with the caregiver. The live-in home care caregiver will also need a driver’s license and car to transport you to medical appointments and to run errands.

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