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Preparing Your Loved One for a Live In Caregiver in Easton Md

By: Expert Author Stephanie Howe, Owner, Comfort Keepers of Easton MD

Live-In CaregiversWhen it comes to Alzheimer’s, denial that there is a problem is quite common. You and other friends and relatives have noticed that there are some things that have started to slip. But your loved one can’t tell anything is wrong, or they don’t want to admit that something is wrong. What do you do?

It’s hard to be a caregiver to someone who doesn’t think they need help or doesn’t want anyone’s help. This is especially true when it becomes obvious that the person can no longer live safely by themselves. As a family member, you feel like you want to just force them to cooperate and get the help they need.

In this situation, how can you get your loved one to listen to reason? Here are some strategies you can try:

  • Invite over a trusted friend of your loved one to have the conversation with you.
  • Perhaps your loved one knows of someone their age that has hourly home care or a live in caregiver and they can help you reassure your loved one that it’s a great idea.

Once you have your loved one in agreement for a live in caregiver, there are some other things that need to be prepared:

  • There must be a private bedroom in the home that the caregiver can use while they are there on their shift. There will be 2 or 3 caregivers rotating shifts with your loved one.
  • There must be clean sets of sheets and bed linens set out for each caregiver when they start their shift.
  • Set aside and mark a shelf or cupboard in the kitchen that the caregiver can use for their personal food items, etc.
  • If possible, give the caregiver her own private bathroom.

When you go through the hiring process, narrow it down to a few individuals and then let your loved one meet them. This way she can have some input as to who she would like to come into her home to take care of her.

Encourage your loved one and let her know she is doing the right thing by getting a live in caregiver. She no longer needs to worry about fixing her own meals or cleaning up. She can have help to go places – shopping, errands, etc.

Some seniors don’t like to have to get up to answer the front door or the phone, and sometimes the phone callers have confusing messages. The caregiver can answer the phone and handle the telemarketers for your loved one.

All these little things help to prepare your loved one for having someone in their home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help and assist them in all daily tasks.

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Stephanie Howe

Rich and Stephanie Howe are the owners of 4 Comfort Keepers franchises in central NJ and 1 in Easton, MD. They opened their first office in Hamilton, NJ in 2005 after Stephanie’s personal and professional background in nursing led her down the path of helping people stay in the comfort of their homes. Her father was afflicted with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis and was put in a long term care facility when he was just 44 years old, after her family realized there were few options for keeping him home. When she was diagnosed herself with the disease in 1998, she knew she didn’t want her family, or anyone else to ever find themselves in a similar situation. Prior to owning Comfort Keepers, the Howe’s owned a construction business, but have found this type of work meets their need to serve others. The Howes are committed to assisting not just the elderly, but anyone needing non medical services in order to continue living safely at home. The Howes reside primarily in Robbinsville, NJ with their 6 children and 2 Golden Retrievers, Henry and Deja, but also have a residence in Easton, MD.

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