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Writing Letters to Loved Ones Can Alleviate Stress for Aging Veterans Who Need Extra Care at Home

Veterans Home Care Toms River NJ

Veterans Home CareFeeling alone, isolated, and as though there’s no one on whom you can count on can create a tremendous amount of stress. For elderly veterans whose family members might live many hours away, whose friends have passed away or moved in with their own family members, that feeling of isolation can generate a great deal of anxiety on a daily basis.

If the veteran requires some type of home care at the moment, they are likely dealing with a number of physical challenges and limitations already. That can increase the level of stress and anxiety they feel, too.

There are many things people can do to help reduce the amount of stress they feel on a daily basis, but for aging veterans who may have difficulty getting around on their own, taking care of their personal needs, and much more, they may feel as though there are few options.

One activity that can help to bring a sense of peace and comfort to veterans of all ages is sitting down to write letters to loved ones.

What ‘Writing Letters’ Actually Refers To

When talking about writing letters to loved ones, this is not the same as texting somebody with a phone or sending a quick email. Modern communication is getting into a habit where people send snippets of ideas and thoughts to one another because of the fast delivery and inexpensive nature of emails and texting.

In the past, though, keeping in touch with loved ones was done through a process of writing letters, sending them in the mail, and waiting weeks and even months to hear back. This slow form of communication usually resulted in page upon page of letters being written about everything that happened in the past few months, thoughts and emotions a person was going through at the time, concerns they had about children and other family members, and much more.

Today a quick comment on a Facebook post or email can seem to suffice for communication.

The process of writing a letter becomes much more intimate because the person writing the letter will be carefully composing their thoughts before putting pen to paper.

Writing a letter to somebody who lives a long distance away or whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time could help you feel a bit closer to them.

Writing is a form of time travel. While the recipient may be reading that letter a week later or even a year later, they are still connected to the person who wrote it across all that time.

Consider recommending writing letters for any elderly veteran who requires home care as a way to provide them comfort and alleviate stress they may be feeling at the time. April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and this activity can be wonderful for people of all ages.

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Stephanie Howe

Rich and Stephanie Howe are the owners of 4 Comfort Keepers franchises in central NJ and 1 in Easton, MD. They opened their first office in Hamilton, NJ in 2005 after Stephanie’s personal and professional background in nursing led her down the path of helping people stay in the comfort of their homes. Her father was afflicted with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis and was put in a long term care facility when he was just 44 years old, after her family realized there were few options for keeping him home. When she was diagnosed herself with the disease in 1998, she knew she didn’t want her family, or anyone else to ever find themselves in a similar situation. Prior to owning Comfort Keepers, the Howe’s owned a construction business, but have found this type of work meets their need to serve others. The Howes are committed to assisting not just the elderly, but anyone needing non medical services in order to continue living safely at home. The Howes reside primarily in Robbinsville, NJ with their 6 children and 2 Golden Retrievers, Henry and Deja, but also have a residence in Easton, MD.