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Your Local Library – A Solid Resource for Elder Care

Family Caregiver Tips in Mount Laurel, NJ

Family Caregiver TipsThere are plenty of resources available online, and plenty of opinions, about how elder care should work, what’s required, and what people can expect. The internet has become such a repository of information, good and bad, that one often feels like he or she has to wade through mud to find a good answer. However, there is another resource that not only provides the necessary information people are looking for on care but actually also provides a resource in and of itself – the library.

Your local library is often stock full of books, periodical, news and sometimes microfilm cards of information on all kinds of topics. Elder care is one area that has a number of disciplines dedicated to it, not the least of which includes government documents, recommended standards, case law, programs available and paid for by the government, local program information, best practices, and more. Further, libraries are also often a place of congregation, which means that in terms of daily elder care, some of those hours can be addressed by activities at the local library with full staff attention to the group. There are numerous activities that occur at libraries year round, from speaking engagements to political involvement to arts and humanities displays and shows. Most libraries have a year-long calendar available to provide the dates of coming events, which makes for a great planning tool. And, if online information is needed during a visit, the majority of libraries have computers with Internet connection available for public use, which allows users to combine their hardcover book research with additional sources and information in the digital world.

Libraries are often the last thing people think of in our modern digital age, but they remain a bastion for information and valuable education for people of all ages and on all topics, including elder care. Further, because they are one of the natural meeting locations in a community, libraries are ideal for partial day group events and group care for elders, which provides both connections and communication with others in a community as well as healthy interaction at a time in life when many seniors find themselves a being alone far too much.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of home care in Mount Laurel, NJ, contact the caregivers at Liberty Healthcare Services. We help seniors and their families with many levels of elder care. Call 888-826-9810 for more information.


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Kevin Zepp

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