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Helping Dad Recover from a Heart Attack at Home From a Distance

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Fairfield, NJ

Reducing Hospital Readmission RatesYour father had a heart attack last week. When you got the call you were on your way to work. You diverted from work, called in sick, and immediately started making your way to the hospital, which happened to be several hours away. By the time you reached the hospital you found out he was in surgery, but the prospects were looking good.

The more time you spent there with your family, your siblings, other loved ones, and even friends of your father, the more you began to hear about how important it would be for him to get support at home when he was discharged. Even though you live several hours away from him, you are closest to him relationship-wise. This caused you a great deal of concern because you wanted to be there for him and help in the recovery. You didn’t know what that would entail, but assumed the doctor would let you and him know exactly what would be necessary to make a full recovery.

When you finally got an opportunity to see him, he didn’t look the same as the last time you stopped by for a visit. He was thin, weak, pale, and extremely fatigued. He smiled at you and you smiled back. Inside you are torn apart because you knew with your job and other responsibilities there was just no way you were going to be able to help him effectively unless you made some major changes.

You talked about his recovery with the doctor outside the room and the doctor mentioned professional home care services. He also mentioned how important having the right level of care at home is to avoiding a readmission to the hospital.

The doctor said he should have a visiting nurse stop by every couple of days to check his vital statistics and report them to the doctor. He also mentioned that a physical therapist could be beneficial at helping him regain strength and exercise his heart in a safe manner. You talk it over with your own family and determine that providing the level of care your father needs from a distance just isn’t feasible. Regular visits and shared time with family and friends would certainly be a benefit anyway.

While you may have been disappointed that you couldn’t provide the care yourself, knowing that caring and trustworthy home care professionals would be monitoring your father’s progress was certainly a relief.

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