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3 Ways Being Outside Can Improve Quality of Life for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care in Easton, MD

Alzheimer's Care in Easton, MDWhen you step outside, what do you feel? Many people have a tendency to feel refreshed, especially if they’ve been spending a significant amount of time indoors. For somebody with Alzheimer’s, getting outside may not be as practical as it used to be, especially if they are moving through the middle and later stages of the disease.

There are several ways a person with Alzheimer’s can benefit from spending at least some amount of time outside.

1. Fresh air can be invigorating. It’s no secret that getting fresh air is good for overall health and well-being. While some people may have allergies so severe they can’t spend any time out or around freshly mowed grass or other allergens, most people will experience positive health benefits.

Spending too much time inside means being exposed to the same stale air, dust, dander and other air pollutants that can cause damage over time. In addition, there’s no easier or more efficient way to get a daily dose of vitamin D than from the sun’s rays.

2. A change in scenery can boost emotional health and well-being. Just getting outside and going to the park, for example, can be an emotional lift somebody with Alzheimer’s might desperately need. As people get older and deal with increasing health issues, including Alzheimer’s, depression can be a more significant problem.

While no one should diagnose their own depression (or a loved one’s), even for somebody who is relying on prescription medications to control their depression can benefit by getting out and feeling connected with nature once again. Feeling that soft breeze along the skin, feeling the warmth of the sun, and much more can all bring back wonderful memories and make somebody feel more refreshed.

3. Increasing circulation. When somebody gets outside, they are most likely getting more exercise. As a result, there heart rate and circulation will increase, which will bring more oxygen throughout the body. That helps improve health in numerous ways. Just taking a quick trip to local park, strolling around surrounded by the wildlife, trees, grass, or other flora can have a significant and positive benefit for them.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s should consider professional care to help them maximize the quality of their life.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring in-home caregivers, contact the staff at Comfort Keepers of Easton, MD. Call today (410) 822-4414.

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