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What Can a Veteran Do if He Doesn’t Think He Can Afford Home Care at the Moment?

Help for Aging Veterans in Robbinsville, NJ

Emotional Challenges and Veterans Home CareThere are so many different reasons why people refuse to even consider the prospect of home care. For some aging veterans, that could be affordability.

As people get older, after they’ve retired, they are usually on a fixed income. That may be coming in the form of a pension, Social Security benefits, and other payments, but there’s only so much money they get every month. And it may be more than enough to be comfortable, but as a person gets older they also face mounting health issues.

Medicare and Medicaid can help pay for a great deal of healthcare and prescriptions, but more and more seniors are being saddled with astronomical prescription medication expenses and other medically related bills. As a result, they have less and less money to spend enjoying life.

For a veteran who is interested in home care but doesn’t think he can afford it, there is help available in some situations. The most significant one is known as the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit.

This is a pension program that was developed by the Veterans Administration as a way to help returning soldiers after World War I. Many of the soldiers who received financial assistance had been injured and disabled during their time of combat.

Today, the pension program has expanded to be able to provide assistance to veterans of all ages.

For veterans 65 and over, they need to show a specific need for home care. This can usually be done with a doctor’s letter.

Other stipulations that must be met in order to qualify for this pension program include: serving at least 90 days of active duty service in one of the major branches of the United States military. At least one of those days of active duty service need to have fallen during a time of official combat, as defined by Congress. This would include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, and the Gulf War.

Also, the veteran needs to have been honorably discharged from their service.

If an aging veteran believes he may very well qualify for this type of pension assistance to pay for home care, they should contact their local VA representative to begin the application process.

If you or an elderly loved one are considering home care for veterans in Robbinsville, NJ and the surrounding areas, call the caring staff at Comfort Keepers in Robbinsville NJ at (609) 890-2888. 

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