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When It Feels Like There’s Nowhere to Turn for Aging Veterans, Home Care is a Great Option

Help for Aging Veterans in Easton, MD

Help for Aging Veterans Feeling like there’s nowhere to turn for help can be an incredibly lonely sensation. For aging veterans, as they get older and deal with a number of physical challenges, less strength, and other limitations, if they don’t have family or friends in the area on whom they can rely, they may believe there is no other option.

As a result, they continue to do their best, take their time getting around, and worry about every little detail and step. The anxiety they feel just getting around their house can be tremendous. Nobody wants to fall and be left on the floor, unable to reach a phone and call for help.

Yet where can these aging veterans turn for assistance? They may have limited financial resources and don’t believe they can afford a professional home care aide, even for a couple of hours a day two or three days a week.

Not all veterans can qualify for certain pension programs, but for those that have served during an active time of combat, as defined by Congress, they may qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. This program is made available through the VA and was originally designed to help returning soldiers get proper care at home for various injuries and disabilities sustained during their service in World War I.

The program expanded over the years and now is available to veterans 65 and over as well. For an aging veteran, he or she would need to have served at least 90 days of active duty service in one of the major branches of the United States military, which includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. At least one of those days would have had to have been during an active combat period of time. That could include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, and the Gulf War.

The senior needs to highlight a specific need for home care and this can easily be done by a doctor’s recommendation. The home care aide could certainly be a family member, but they would likely benefit more from a professional caregiver hired through an agency, especially somebody who has experience working with seniors, especially veterans.

As can be readily seen now, there are plenty of options for many aging veterans to get the proper care at home they need. So even if the veteran feels like there’s nowhere to turn for help, there is.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring home care for aging veterans, contact the staff at Comfort Keepers of Easton, MD. Call today (410) 822-4414.

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