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Adult Children Face Unspoken Challenges Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care in Clifton NJ

Perhaps your mother or father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You may not have had any direct experience with this form of dementia, aside from the general symptom of memory loss that most people associate with Alzheimer’s disease. Your other parent may be more than willing to take care of him or her for a while, but you know it’s going to take a toll.

That’s when you began considering taking care of him or her yourself. You figured this was not just an opportunity for you to help out, but perhaps your responsibility.

Alzheimer's Care in Clifton NJ

Alzheimer’s Care in Clifton NJ

What you may not expect. 

At first, things are going to seem simple. Your mother or father is dealing with memory loss, and it is certainly impacting daily life, but they’re capable of tending to their own needs and are lucid most of the time.

They might need a ride to the store, to a doctor’s appointment, or just to get out every once in a while. They may need some extra reminders about appointments, when it’s time to take their medications, or that they need to eat healthy.

You can do that. It’s no big deal, right? 

What you may not expect are the challenges you could face in the future. Those challenges are going to be significant and are going to grow more so as the years pass.

Alzheimer’s progresses through a series of stages. During the earlier stages, the memory loss will impact daily life, but the senior will still be able to tend to most of his or her basic needs. As they move into the middle and later stages of the disease, they could exhibit what’s known as Sundowner’s syndrome, which is basically more aggressive tendencies in the evening and nighttime hours.

They can become physically or verbally aggressive, begin wandering off, getting lost, and not have any clue how to get back to where they were, and trying to get them to eat or even partake in various activities can be overwhelmingly frustrating.

Many of the unspoken challenges a family caregiver might face with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can often be fear, hurt, and even anger. There’s no need to deal with those challenges when you understand the value of hiring a home care aide.

Through an agency, you should be able to find a number of home care aides who have prior experience working with seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It can be a great benefit for not only your loved one, but for you as well.

For Alzheimer’s care options in Clifton, NJ, call ComForCare Home Care at 973-287-4718. Serving Caldwell, Clifton, Montclair, Bloomfield, Nutley, Verona, Little Falls, Cedar Grove, Totowa, Essex Fells, Roseland, Glen Ridge, West Paterson, Fairfield, Passaic, Bellevill

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