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Where Should You Begin the Home Care Journey?

Home Care for Seniors in Warren NJ

You don’t know very much about home care support services. You’ve been trying to help your mother at home after she was hospitalized due to major surgery. Her doctor expected she would make a full recovery, but it could take several weeks or a couple of months.

Home Care for Seniors in Warren NJ

Home Care for Seniors in Warren NJ

After a week or two, you realized you don’t have the experience, time, or ambition to be her full-time caregiver. And, she certainly needs full-time care.

So where do you begin? 

You may have brought up the topic of home care support services to your mother already, and that can certainly be beneficial, but the best place to start is by learning as much as possible about what services are available.

Not all services are available everywhere across the country. 

Many agencies provide an abundance of aides who can offer physical support, emotional encouragement, companionship, and possibly even transportation. These aides can assist with getting out of bed, bathing, toileting, getting dressed, doing light housekeeping with the client, helping to prepare meals, and much more.

Your mother might need all of that, but she may also require a visiting nurse once or twice a week, a physical therapist to help her regain strength and mobility, and possibly an occupational therapist to help her with her fine motor skills.

Some agencies do provide these services as well, but if they don’t, they may be able to help you find exactly what your mother requires at this time.

Next, you want to sit down and discuss home care support with your mother. 

Once you learn as much as possible about the various services home care aides can offer, then you want to sit down with your mother and discuss them. She may have questions. She may try to undercut your goal of finding a quality home care aide.

Answer questions. Be honest. And, ultimately, remember she is an independent person who has every right to determine whether or not she relies on professional home care services.

What if she doesn’t want to talk about it? 

You have to respect her wishes. That doesn’t mean you have to continue sacrificing to take care of her. Let her know you won’t be able to continue doing this for very long. Advise her to consider other options.

If she wants to remain in the comfort of her own home, nothing is better than experienced home care support services. Once she realizes that, she may become more open to the notion of relying on them.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional home care in Warren, NJ, please talk to the caring staff at Generations Home Health Care today. Providing Home Care in Somerset, Essex, Union, Morris and Hunterdon Counties. Call us today at (908) 290-0691 or (973) 241-4534.

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Sue Myer

Susan is the Co-Owner of Generations Home HealthCare and has 35 years of business experience and entrepreneurship. For the last 10 years she has been a Registered Nurse working at St. Luke’s Hospital (Bethlehem, PA) in the Neuro/Trauma Unit and as a critical care nurse at Hunterdon Medical Center. She has a B.S. from Rutgers University and a BSN from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.Susan is currently in the process of obtaining her Master’s in Gerontology. Susan is married, has 2 children and 1.666 grandchildren.

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