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When Should Aging Veterans Apply for Aid and Attendance?

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a great asset for veterans from all walks of life. If they need any type of home care, and this is usually for long-term, extended support, it can become costly. For those veterans who don’t have a great deal of income or assets, and if they’re considered a ‘wartime veteran,’ they may be eligible for this pension program.

Care for Aging Veterans in Plainsboro NJ: Applying for the Aid and Attendance Benefit

Care for Aging Veterans in Plainsboro NJ: Applying for the Aid and Attendance Benefit

One common question some veterans have is when they should begin the application process.

In order to qualify, not only do veterans need to meet certain requirements with regard to their time of service, including length of service and when they actually served, but they also need to be able to show home care is necessary. If they can’t prove home care would be an asset for safety or even maintaining a basic quality of life right now, they may need to wait.

If the review board determines that home care is not recommended or necessary at this point in the veteran’s life, they may deny the application. Applying for the benefit later on could become complicated by this.

The veteran should be able to prove this is necessary.

There are many ways a veteran, regardless of age, can prove that home care is necessary right now in his or her life. One of the best strategies is to consult a medical professional. If their doctor has told them they would benefit, either by safety or quality of life, from a home care aide or even a visiting nurse, this would be a great asset to include in the application process.

However, even if the veteran is unable to get a doctor’s recommendation for these services, he or she can explain in the application what their day is like. Do they need assistance getting out of bed? Do they require help getting into and out of the shower? Are they unable to drive to the store or a doctor’s appointment? If they can explain the challenges they are facing on a regular basis, who might be helping them at the moment, and why a home care aide would be necessary to maintain quality of life, that could be beneficial.

The veteran would need to have some limitations right now. The veteran will require support right now in order to qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Even though the approval process could take months, the VA does offer reimbursement, which means the veteran could begin receiving support through a home care agency even while the application is pending.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for an aging veteran in Plainsboro, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care of New Brunswick today. Call (732) 607-8870.

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