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The Number One Option People Need to Consider Is a Home Care Aide

There are plenty of options available to seniors and disabled adults all across the country when they need help at home. Yes, a spouse, brother or sister, parent, and even friends and neighbors can be a great asset, but nothing is better than the home care option.

Home Care for Seniors in Califon NJ: The Best Option

Home Care for Seniors in Califon NJ: The Best Option

Why is this the best option?

Many people assume they are the best ones suited to provide this support because of their personal relationship with the individual who requires assistance, but familiarity and a good bond does not equal adequate support.

An experienced home care aide has likely worked with several other clients, at a minimum, already. Many of these clients will have similar challenges as this person who now needs assistance. These caregivers will have developed strategies, received training, and have a great support system behind them (if they work for an agency) with which they can ask questions and gain insight into other strategies.

It offers consistency.

More often than not, when a family member becomes a caregiver, if they have other responsibilities in life, when they stop by can be directly dependent on whether or not they are working, if they have to work overtime, if their children need help, if they are sick, and so much more. Home care aides who work for agencies offer the best consistency because if they are expected to arrive at 8 o’clock in the morning, they will be there. Even if the caregiver gets sick, there will be somebody at the agency who can provide the support the elderly client requires.

It helps to encourage clients.

Many family members focus on keeping their loved ones safe. They don’t want them to do activities potentially deemed risky. As a result, too many of these family caregivers discourage their aging parents or other seniors from playing sports, going out and spending time with friends, cleaning the yard, doing housework, and more.

A home care aide understands how important it is for people of all ages and facing all sorts of health issues to stay active and feel as independent as they can. That’s one of the reasons they encourage their clients to pursue things that are important to them while also offering the physical support needed to stay safe.

These are just a few simple reasons why home care is the number one option to consider for seniors and disabled adults, even if they already have a decent support network of family and friends.

If you or an elderly loved one are considering home care for seniors in Califon, NJ, or the surrounding areas, call the caring professionals at Comfort Keepers of Flemington, NJ. Call today (908) 806-2220.

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Marc Jeffries

At Comfort Keepers, our aim is to allow our clients to age with dignity and independence. We treat each of our clients with respect and dignity, as if they were a member of our own family. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of comforting care for seniors and others in need of assistance. We specialize in Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, Personal Care, Live-In Care and 24-Hour Care.

Comfort Keepers of Flemington, New Jersey, has a team of eight support staff who will be your primary contacts and your advocates.

Nancy Hmieleski, R.N., C., B.S, is the Director of Nursing and supervises the Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA) that work out of the Comfort Keepers Flemington office. Pat Corlett, RN, is the Case Manager.

General Manager Rebecca Tenore, Client Care Coordinators; Suzanne M. White, Kelly Balodis, Christine Lehr, along with Office Assistant, Nancy Russell, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year to answer your questions. You will hear a friendly voice no matter when you call.

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