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The Most Difficult Discussion About Home Care to Have with Mom

Your mother has been slowing down for years. You’ve noticed the changes, mostly because you don’t live close enough to really visit with her every day. You come into the area every couple of months and see the dramatic changes in her physical capabilities. You know she should have help around the house, but there’s no other family in the area and her friends are all dealing with their own issues.

Home Care for Seniors in South Plainfield NJ: Starting the Conversation

Home Care for Seniors in South Plainfield NJ: Starting the Conversation

Your mother has some great neighbors who help out, but they have their own responsibilities.

She can’t keep calling on them to get things from the basement, to help her clean out the attic, to do the yard work, to help her go shopping, or to get to a doctor’s appointment. Maybe you’ve talked to her about home care options in the past and the conversation didn’t end well. She didn’t want to discuss it, that was a long time ago.

Sometimes, the most important conversations are the toughest.

Avoiding the topic isn’t going to make anything better. Your mother needs help now. Every day that she delays getting support, every day that you hold off bringing up the topic of home care again, there is an increased risk that she could slip and fall and be injured. If she is injured, the road to recovery could be extremely long and difficult.

It’s time to get her thinking about home care again.

Even if you’ve never brought up the topic before, you might have certain concerns about her reaction. You know she is a fiercely independent woman and you don’t want to offend her. You don’t want to cause tension in your relationship with her. That’s fine, but what would you rather have happen: maintaining the peace or having to help her pick up the pieces after she’s injured in a slip and fall accident?

Most people immediately recognize there is no discussion about that. That’s why home care is a topic to discuss now. How can you bring up the topic without creating tension?

Talk about observations. Discuss things you’ve noticed about her physical capabilities, mishaps, or conversations you’ve had with her neighbors. Talk about things she no longer does that she might love to try again, like heading out to the park to sit down and feed the birds.

If she believes there’s a possibility of doing some of these things again, if only she had the right support, she may become more open to the idea of relying on home care support services.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in South Plainfield, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care of New Brunswick today. Call (732) 607-8870.

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