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Home Care for Seniors

Home Care Aides Help Families Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Home Care for Seniors in Summit NJ: Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Stress is, well, stressful. There’s no way around that simple fact. Many families undergo a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety every single day looking after elderly and disabled individuals. It could be an adult child who was involved in an accident recently, an aging parent who suffered a stroke, or a spouse who has…

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The Most Difficult Discussion About Home Care to Have with Mom

Home Care for Seniors in South Plainfield NJ: Starting the Conversation

Your mother has been slowing down for years. You’ve noticed the changes, mostly because you don’t live close enough to really visit with her every day. You come into the area every couple of months and see the dramatic changes in her physical capabilities. You know she should have help around the house, but there’s…

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Three Reasons Some Seniors Struggle with Home Care Decisions

Home Care for Seniors in Clark NJ: Struggling with Decisions

Making extreme life decisions is not easy. Some have a difficult time just contemplating the new life they may have. Whether it’s about a move, a relationship change, switching careers, or something else, it doesn’t matter whether the person is in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, those decisions can be difficult. So can…

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Health Foods That are Not That Healthy

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: There are tons of foods that are marketed as healthy. Sometimes you need to pay a little extra attention to really figure out whether something is good for you or not so good for you. A lot of marketers realize that there is a big need for healthy foods, however, sometimes the claims are slightly over exaggerated. Some items named as healthy can be far from it. Foods that are truly healthy for you will not have a healthy label. For example, broccoli is not going to have a “low fat”, “high in fiber”, “Great source of vitamins”, “gluten free”, label on it because it’s broccoli and everybody knows it’s awesome for you. 

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