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Generations provides care through certified home health aides (CHHAs), who are specially trained and certified by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Care can be long-term, short-term, live-in, or even occasional. A plan of care is developed for each patient by a Generations registered nurse, who regulates the CHHA’s activities.

In some cases, home care is provided outside the home, such as a hospital, assisted living facility or even a nursing home, where more specific and personal attention may be needed or desirable.

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    Homecare New Providence NJ-Dementia can cause an aging adult to get stuck in a loop and engage in repetitive activities. In fact, these activities can be very soothing to an elderly family member with dementia. Here are some deliberately repetitive activities you might want to try with your senior. The post What Types of Repetitive […]
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    Senior Care Somerset NJ-As a senior citizen's immune system is not as quick to act as the immune system in a younger adult, it can be harder to determine when a UTI is present. Typical symptoms are a frequent need to urinate, a burning sensation while going to the bathroom, and the feeling that your […]
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