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Veterans Deserve Proper Care and Support at Home

By Robert D'Arienzo | Jul 19, 2017

Not all that long ago, veterans of the United States military, in this very country, were disparaged, ridiculed, and even hated. They were hated for what had been recorded and broadcast from the Vietnam Conflict. They were despised for despicable acts men and women who have never served or defended their country before couldn’t possibly…

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Three Things Veterans Should Know Before Applying for the Aid and Attendance Benefit

By Marc Jeffries | Mar 22, 2017

When veterans may need some type of support and care at home, those who have limited financial means may assume this is not something they can consider. For those veterans considered wartime veterans, the Aid and Attendance Benefit may be an important pension to consider. The Aid and Attendance Benefit helps thousands of veterans every…

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How Long Does a Veteran Need to Serve to Qualify for Home Care Support?

By Judah Schuster LNHA, CDI | Mar 10, 2017

There are many questions veterans have when it comes to various pensions. For those veterans who may need some type of home care support, most commonly in the form of an aide, they might believe it’s impossible for them to even consider it because of the cost. However, the Aid and Attendance Benefit can provide…

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Who Exactly Is the Aid and Attendance Benefit For?

By Sharon Muenster | Feb 13, 2017

Care for Aging Veterans in Clark NJ There are an estimated 21.8 million veterans living in the United States right now (US News). There may be almost one million who could benefit from some type of care and support at home (, pg 20). The Aid and Attendance Benefit was designed specifically to help veterans…

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