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Non-medical senior care is available to meet every budget and need at Helping Hands Homecare in Clark, New Jersey. Hourly and live-in senior care services are available from our certified team of home health aides.

Quality Senior Care

Enjoy the care you need in the comfort of your own home with our qualified nursing aids. Your caregiver is available to live with you to provide one-on-one personal services that help you maintain your independence. With individual live-in services, your personal caregiver works with you on a two weeks on, two days off schedule. On their two days off, another aid comes in to assist you.

Providing Home Care Services in Clark, Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Rahway, Linden, Summit, Edison, Elizabeth, Mountainside and all of Northern and Central NJ.


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  • How Can You Help Your Aging Adult to Cope with Losing her Hearing? November 16, 2017
    Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating for your aging adult, but it’s equally difficult for the people who interact with her. Learning about what works and how to help your senior can help everyone to have a better experience, even if your elderly family member continues to lose her hearing. Let New People in Her […]
    Robert D'Arienzo
  • My Mom Needs Help Getting Dressed – Can a Home Caregiver Help? November 9, 2017
    As people age, they can begin to have trouble doing all sorts of things they’ve done independently for their entire lives. One of those things is getting dressed. Aged fingers may not work as well as they once did, which can make fastening clothes difficult. Seniors may also have trouble bending to slip pant legs […]
    Robert D'Arienzo
  • How Can You Tell that You Need Extra Help as a Family Caregiver? November 2, 2017
    For some caregivers, admitting that they need extra assistance is very difficult. It’s almost as if hiring elderly care providers is akin to admitting failure. But that’s not the case at all. Here are several situations that absolutely necessitate getting extra help right away. Your Senior’s Needs Have Changed Dramatically. Depending on your elderly family […]
    Robert D'Arienzo
  • Can Elder Care Help If You Have Caregiver Burnout? October 26, 2017
    Caregiver burnout can be truly detrimental to your health and well-being, as well as the quality of care that you give to your aging parent throughout your care journey with them. This exhaustion can put you in a position of no longer caring about what is going on around you, not having the motivation to […]
    Robert D'Arienzo
  • How Can You Help Your Senior Remember Important Tasks? October 19, 2017
    Reminders can be a tremendous help in keeping your aging adult on task and performing important tasks when they need to be done. So what options do you have when it comes to setting up solid reminders for your aging adult? Write Notes for the Day. Leaving a note in the same spot on the […]
    Robert D'Arienzo
  • Four Ways to Get Your Dad to Open Up About His Health October 12, 2017
    Your dad has always been private. Since his last medical checkup, you’ve noticed he’s having a harder time around the house. He won’t tell you what’s wrong. Here are four ways to get your dad to open up. 1. Be Honest and Admit You’re Concerned. Start with an honest approach. Tell your dad you’re concerned […]
    Robert D'Arienzo