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Controlling Others Doesn’t Reduce Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in Roseland NJ: Controlling Others Doesn't Reduce Stress

You’re feeling stressed out. You can’t take it anymore. You just want the anxiety to end. However, your family member needs you. Maybe it’s your mom. Perhaps it’s your husband or wife. Maybe it’s a disabled adult child. Whoever it is and no matter how close your relationship is with them, it’s still going to…

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The Most Difficult Discussion About Home Care to Have with Mom

Home Care for Seniors in South Plainfield NJ: Starting the Conversation

Your mother has been slowing down for years. You’ve noticed the changes, mostly because you don’t live close enough to really visit with her every day. You come into the area every couple of months and see the dramatic changes in her physical capabilities. You know she should have help around the house, but there’s…

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Who Can Help with Home Repairs for Aging Seniors?

Senior Home Safety in Glen Ridge NJ: Making Home Repairs

Getting older means having to deal with more challenges. It also means keeping up with general home maintenance will likely become more difficult or complicated. To keep seniors safer at home, modifications may be necessary. For example, grab bars could be a great asset. If somebody has never used a grab bar and doesn’t know…

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Mom Woke Up Last Night to Find a ‘Stranger’ in Her Bed

Alzheimer's Care in Raritan Township NJ: Confusion

Your father called you this morning. He was upset. From what you could hear, it seemed as though he was fighting tears. All of your life your father has been an incredibly strong individual, both physically and emotionally, so this was unsettling, to say the least. It took a while, but he finally told you…

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